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Diamonds Over Dinner

Memories of our private parties. Back when going to dinner parties were allowed, we did it in style, we did it over diamonds!

Seen here is the bustling private showroom of the night and a pair of Adornata convertible earrings

What's a better combination than sparkles and bubbly? This is exactly why we paired the two up for a night of drinks, dinner and jewels. For our friends old and new, we set-up a little treat for them last year, a little dinner party...with a lot of gems.

It was as much a treat for us at it was for them getting to spend time with everyone over such good food and beautiful conversation. It was a tradition waiting to happen and we promised our friends exactly that! Sadly though we are posting last year's memories for now since social distancing has got us missing our gatherings and stopping us from mounting one this year. Don't worry though, when all is well, another round of drinks and dinner over diamonds will happen again. And we have more time to prepare so that's a plus!

For now, we hope these memories would do!

In Photo: (Bottom Left) Dr. Cristina Malabanan-Cobarubbias and Mr. Ralph Cobarubbias, (Bottom Right) Entrepreneurs Mr. Clark Lim and Ms. Rhett Yu, both pairs with Adornata designer, Chynna Gonzalez (Above) Lush dinner setting for the guests

In Photo: (Left) Adornata designer Chynna with Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano with her Adornata purchases. (Right) An Adornata diamond ring

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