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Making my Own Engagement Ring

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Who said it has to be (only) a diamond?

I go through gems all the time, and nothing has stuck to me more than an emerald did. As a child I've been drawn to it always but as a jewelry nerd I fell in love with it even more.

An emerald is actually a variety of the mineral beryl, and beryls are colorless but with the presence of other chemicals, they get their color. Beryls come in a variety of colors; for example, aquamarine is a variety of beryl too.

The romance of the emerald, for me, comes into how it is formed. The base mineral is found on a different layer of the earth than the chemicals that make it green, so for emeralds to form, the earth has to move.

So I always thought the stone, was perfect to symbolize my engagement: something beautiful that happened unexpectedly, earth shaking and beautiful.


Here are some quick sketches I had for my ring.

I designed more than 25 studies but my fiance ultimately still chose the final ring because I still wanted it to be a joint project of sorts.

Funny that we both agreed on an iteration of my second design out of more than twenty. So maybe it is true that your initial ideas really stick to you, something to consider when you're choosing or having your own ring designed: be mindful of you initial preferences, you may end up circling back to it!

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